Kyusho Jitsu is the ancient art of pressure point fighting.  


Literally translated Kyusho means "One Second", and Jitsu means "fighting" so Kyusho Jitsu is One Second Fighting meaning that within the first second of a conflict the control is in the hands of the Kyusho practitioner.  This is accomplished by attacking weaker anatomical structures of the human body.   A  strike to the proper points - in the correct order, angle, and direction - can disorientate, disable,  put unconscious or cause death to an attacker.  

Kyusho should be thought of as a targeting system.  It is about learning and understanding the weakness of the human body.

When you start to learn Kyusho the first thing which shocks you is just how weak the human body really is. 

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Kyusho Jitsu Certification Program

KJCP UCAA MSASD Certified instructors

G.M Mark Smith MSASD Tutor & Assessor.

G.M Damian Kierans 7th Dan

Master Karl Bergman Level 1 Certified Instructor and MSASD Affiliated. 

Master Paul Tingley Certified Level 1 Certified instructor and MSASD Affiliated.

Sensei Nathan Webb Level 2 Certified instructor, 1st Dan KJCP and MSASD Affiliated.  

Master David Aarons Level 1 Certified Instructor MSASD Senior Instructor.

Sensei Brian Miller Level 1 Certified Instructor MSASD